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For Groups in Lisbon: Belém, Cascais





Clube com curso em escola de vela - Lisboa no Tejo.




Come and see Belém, Oeiras, Cascais, Parque das Nações and all the Tejo Estuary in a new perspective: leave Terra Firma and watch it from the sea. The Estoril sands or the typical old villages of the south side of the river.


All this, gliding smoothly on our sailboats, without any noise or pollution. You can find bellow your favourite 2, 4 or 8 hour cruises.

Watch the atmosphere aboard (no registration needed):


Informations: By mobile 351 917801632, or mail.




2 hour Mini Cruises



25 de Abril Bridge, Discovery Monument, Belém Tower, Champalimaud Foundation, etc.


2pax (+1 child up to 6 years old, free): 95 €; 7pax: 160 €.



4 hour Cruises


The Tejo Estuary is a never ending source of pleasant places to sale along, escaping the daily grind, away from the stress of the big city, just looking for a sheltered place to anchor and have lunch on board. See below some of our favorite programs.

7pax: 260 €. 1 extra hour as an option: +20%.



25 de Abril Bridge - Seixal Bay (4 hours)



We'll be sailing to the south east side along a big lake of calm waters, where the Tejo river gets wider. Soon will be entering an enchanted bay decorated with old tide mills and small houses near the water.


7pax: 260 €. 1 extra hour as an option to go ashore: +20%.



25 de Abril Bridge - Fort S. Julião da Barra (4 hours)



We'll be sailing west, towards Oeiras and Carcavelos, where several ancient fortresses were erected over the centuries, to protect the Tejo bar from enemy ships, and watch the impressive Fort S. Julião da Barra.

7pax: 260 €. 1 extra hour as an option to sea bath in Oeiras: +20%.



25 de Abril Bridge - Rato Island (4 hours)



We'll be sailing East to an area where Tejo river spreads so much that we call it Mar da Palha - Palha Sea. The scenery is fantastic: we can see the old town and S. Jorge Castel, as well as both river ridges at the same time. Soon will be sailing south and be able to see Palmela Castle, 20 miles away.

7pax: 260 €. 1 extra hour as an option to have lunch aboard: +20%.



25 de Abril Bridge - Alcochete (4+1 hours)



We leave Alcântara and the 25 de Abril Bridge behind us and sail across Mar da Palha, near the south side of the river, towards another iconic bridge: Vasco da Gama. From there we can whiteness the typical white houses of Alcochete village.


7pax: 260 €. 1 extra hour mandatory, because of the distance: +20%.



8 hour Cruises


Do you prefer to sail upriver in the peacefulness of the Tejo islets, or leave the big city sailing right to the sea? Do you want to have lunch on board in a typical bay of the south side, or do you rather enjoy a day of sea bathing on your private island? See below our favorite programs.

7 pax: 450 €



25 de Abril Bridge - Cascais Bay (8 hours)



In the morning we set sail to the sea, leaving the big city behind, crossing the Tejo bar to the ocean, under the protection of Bugio lighthouse. We sail along Costa del Sol sandy beaches of Estoril, and reach the Bay of Cascais, where we drop anchor for sea bath and lunch.


7 pax: 450 €



25 de Abril Bridge - Alhandra (8 hours)



Let's sail up the river, recreating the centenary navigations of the canoes, near the islets. Then, we can contemplate the flatlands in its entire splendor, and the north side industrial areas, once full of activity but now so peaceful.


7 pax: 450 €



Our Cruises on Google Earth


See where we sail by clicking the link below. If your browser can not open the link correctly in Google Earth, click the right mouse button, save the kml file on your disk and then open it with Google Earth (soon).

Terms and Conditions


All prices are final, including fuel and the presence of a skipper on board, as well as all fees and taxes. Lunch is not included. However, we have fridge to keep your drinks cool, and lots of space on board, so you may take snacks and drinks with you for the day. Programs can be altered by decision of skipper and passengers, or due to weather conditions.

Sail Boat: Elan 295 - Departure: Doca de Sto Amaro


Informations: By mobile 351 917801632, or mail.




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